iCAN – Building Intelligent Life

iCAN is a smart energy storage system for your home that uses intelligent software to manage energy throughout the day. It time-shifts energy usage, provides backup power and enables you to effectively use your renewable energy. iCAN is in parallel connection with all other appliance on your home grid. It is connected to iCAN OSS hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) through your home broadband router. The rated capacity of iCAN stands at 2kWh during its entire life cycle with the automatic adjustments of its Battery Management System (BMS). Multiple iCANs can be linked together for higher power or larger capacity, and each unit can be individually controlled by iCAN OSS.

Better Use of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is emissions-free, but intermittent. Solar and wind produce energy when the sun shines from10AM to 4PM and the wind blows in the midnight. Your solar panel may produce extra energy than your need during the day, and wind farms sometimes produce excess electricity at night when demand is low. The surplus energy will be lost if it is not used or stored. Here is the solution: use iCAN. It stores your surplus solar power or wind power and feeds its stored energy back to the grid later when you need it.

Greener Lifestyle

Generally, it takes you 30 to 60 minutes to charge your electric vehicle (EV) at the charging station and your wait could be hours if there are people ahead of you in line. If you charge your EV at home,  you don't have to wait, and through a non-tiered, time-of-use rate pan, you can pay a lower price for charging at off-peak hours. Since wind turbines produce a majority of energy while you charge a home, you help the environment by efficiently utilizing the clean and renewable energy. With iCANs, the energy drawn from the grid will be greatly reduced during peak hours, which could be much beneficial for you if you need charge your EV during the day or even during peak demand periods. You can still enjoy paying a low electricity bill while keeping your way of life.

Emergency Backup

iCAN is a safeguard against natural disasters or extreme weather. During a power outage, it can power your critical appliances with the stored energy at no cost, ensuring your safety at home.

Bringing Savings

By adopting TOU rate plan, your electricity price varies according to the time at which the consumption occurs, while iCAN stores energy at off-peak hours with lower rate and feeds its stored energy back to the grid during peak hours with higher rate. You can lower your electricity bill by around $1200 during the iCAN lifecycle if you adopt PG&E EV-A rate plan, and about $1500 if you only use it in summer.


Furthermore, many electric companies offer Demand Response (DR) credits to customers who respond to high-energy-usage induced stress load indications. iCAN helps you respond to DR events more flexibly and effectively. You can earn an average $100 yearly DR credit if you join the OhmHours from OhmConnect, and you can earn up to $100 yearly credits if you join the Save Power Days from SCE.


Here is the real data from a PG&E user adopting EV-A rate plan, with one iCAN used: