• What is the POMCube iCAN energy storage system?

    The iCAN is a fully integrated smart Residential Energy Storage System (rESS). The self-contained enclosure is comprised of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a controller, a charger, a battery management system, and an inverter.

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  • What are the main applications of the POMCube iCAN?

    1. An energy storage system that helps reduce your energy costs by time-shifting the use of energy and allows you to use energy on your own terms and at your own convenience.
    2. Supports Demand Response programs that electric system planners and operators offer to consumers to influence changes in electric use and offers rewards for changes of behavior.
    3. It can serve as an emergency backup power supply in the event of power loss.
    4. It can also safeguard your off grid solution and protect your lead acid batteries.

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  • What sets your technology apart from other energy storage systems?

    iCAN is a fully integrated plug and play energy storage system. It is quick and easy to install, doesn't require any modification or rewiring to your home power system. You simply plug it into any 90Vac-130Vac outlet and set it up with our app PeakShaver on your smart phone.

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  • How much will my electricity bill be reduced by using iCAN?

    Utilities are moving to a time-based pricing strategy known as a Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate plan. Instead of charging a single flat rate, rates fluctuate based on the time of day. iCAN allows you to store electricity when it's cheapest and use it later when the rates are highest. With iCAN, homeowners can cut their peak demand and electricity costs.
    Your actual savings are closely related with your real conditions, depending on your location, price gap between peak hours and off-peak hours and if you are using renewable energy such as solar power. Some rate plans have more obvious savings, such as PG&E EV-A and SDG&E EV TOU 2. You can get the real time statistics from our App PeakShaver.

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  • How safe is the system? What safety standards does iCAN comply with?

    iCAN uses the same type of Lithium-ion battery technology that is widely used in today's laptops and other portable consumer electronic devices. Our product has been tested for safety by OSHA's Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) listed to the following standards:
    FCC Part 15 Class B - Unintentional radiators
    UL1741 (Inverter) - Inverters ,converters, controllers and interconnection system equipment for use with distributed energy resources
    UL1642 (Batteries) - Standard for safety lithium batteries
    FCC Part 15 Subpart C (Zigbee and 2.4G Wifi) - Intention radiators
    FCC Part 15 Subpart E (5G Wifi) - Unlicensed nation information infrastructure devices
    FCC Part 18 (Wireless charger) - Industrial, scientific, and medical equipment

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  • If I have multiple iCANs, how should I install them?

    Generally, there is a breaker for each circuit branch of your home. The maximum load of the breaker is defined already. The total power of the iCANs installed under one circuit branch can't exceed the maximum load of the breaker. For example, the maximum load of the breaker is 1750W, the power of iCAN is 750W, and no more than two iCANs can be installed under this circuit branch.

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  • If I purchase multiple POMCube iCANs, will this increase my energy and power output?

    Yes. By adding multiple iCANs throughout a home, you will scale up the total energy storage capacity and output power.

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  • What type of battery is inside the POMCube iCAN?

    Lithium Nickel-Cobalt Manganese (NCM) batteries.

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  • What is the expected life of the batteries, how many cycles does that amount to

    The expected life of the batteries is 7 years, about 2500 cycles.

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  • How do I install the POMCube iCAN, will I need an electrician to do the installation?

    iCAN is designed to be a plug and play energy storage system. It does not require professional installation. Simply Plug it into any 90Vac – 130Vac outlet and you are ready to start saving.

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  • Do I need to purchase any additional equipment such as an inverter, charger or controller?

    No. iCAN is a self-contained, fully integrated energy storage system comprised of rechargeable lithium ion batteries, an inverter, and a controller, a charger, and a battery management system.

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  • How do I monitor and control the POMCube iCAN?

    You can monitor and control the POMCube iCAN through the mobile app PeakShaver with your smart phone.

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  • Where can I download the Mobile app?

    You can download it from Apple App Store, the application name is PeakShaver.

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  • What is covered with your warranty and for how long?

    iCAN includes a 7 year limited warranty. 1 year labor and parts and 7 year limited warranty on battery core*
    * No altering of battery charging/discharing policies. The battery pack should not be removed from the enclosure.

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  • How does iCAN charge and discharge?

    The charging and discharging of iCAN can be automatically performed based on the TOU rate plan submitted through Peakshaver. iCAN will be charged during the off-peak hours in your rate plan and discharge during the peak hours. In addition, you can make schedules for the charging and discharging of iCAN, and iCAN will perform accordingly.

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  • Does your energy storage system make any noise?

    The POMCube iCAN is nearly silent, however it does contain a small fan as part of the cooling system. When the fan is turned on, the dB level is <30dB.

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  • In the event of a power outage, can I use the POMCube iCAN as a backup power system?

    Yes. There is a red outlet (Load A) on the back of iCAN that can be used for emergency backup power. When utility company's power grid fails, you can plug your critical appliance into the outlet. Please note that the power of the appliance plugged into the red outlet (Load A) should be no more than 500W. The blue outlet (Load B) will stop working when power grid fails.

    Based on the safety requirements in IEEE 1547, iCAN is forbidden to feed electricity back to the grid during power outage, so it can not power your home directly at outage. It would be dangerous to feed electricity back to grid during power outage if electrical workers are doing the maintenance or any other works.

    According to IEEE 1547: IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Disributed Resources with Electric Power System
    "4.4.1 Unintentional islanding
    For an unintentional island in which the DR energizes a portion of Area EPS through the PCC, the DR interconnection system shall detect the island and cease to energize the Area EPS within two seconds of the formation of an island."

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  • How do you self-island when grid tied power goes away?

    When iCAN loses the 60Hz signal from the grid, iCAN stops sending electricity out the AC power cord. There are smart outlets on the back of our energy storage system that can be used for emergency backup power.
    iCAN has been tested and certified for IEEE 1547.
    IEEE 1547 (Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems) is a standard of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers meant to provide a set of criteria and requirements for the interconnection of distributed generation resources into the power grid.

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  • Does POMCubes iCAN require solar panels to take full advantage of your energy storage system?

    No. iCAN does not require solar panels to take advantage of its storage capabilities. POMCube iCAN Residential Energy Storage System helps compensate for the intermittency of renewable energy by storing energy when the supply is high or when energy rates are lowest and uses it later to power your home.

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  • Can the POMCube iCAN store excess solar energy produced by renewable energy?

    Yes. iCAN stores the electricity generated by non-variable load power plants, such as wind farms before dawn and the electricity generated by solar panels during the day. It helps compensate for the intermittency of renewables by storing energy when the supply is high and/or when energy rates are lowest, and makes the energy available in your home. This bridges the gap between the production of renewable energy and peak demand, allowing you to use more renewable energy when you need it.

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  • Does your energy storage system require regular maintenance?

    No, POMCube iCAN does not require regular maintenance. Once the device has been installed, POMCube OSS shall monitor the health of the device and address any problems that occur.

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  • Can I go completely off the grid using your solution if I have PV/Solar?

    No. iCAN needs to work with the grid to fully utilize its functions. When iCAN is totally isolated from the grid, it can only power your critical home appliances with the stored electricity through its smart outlets.
    However, with the addition of Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and primary backup power (diesel generator, full cell generator or UPS), iCAN can still function as if it was connected to the grid and discharge energy to home grid.

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  • What does grid-connected mean?

    Grid connected refers to an electrical system which is connected to the mains power grid, thus, any excess power it generates can be fed back into the mains power grid. iCAN is grid-connected.

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  • How long is the return on investment (ROI) period of iCAN?

    It is about 7 years.

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  • What does iCAN differ from a UPS battery pack?

    UPS battery pack is one kind of backup power source, whereas, iCAN is designed to charge and discharge every day.

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  • Do I have to rewire my home electrical system?

    No, you don't need to rewire or modify your home electrical system. iCAN is a plug and play device, and its stored electricity will be fed back to the existing grid.

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  • Is there any government subsidy to have a rESS like iCAN?

    Not yet, but many electric utilities offer DR (Demand Respond) rewards for customers who respond the stress signal sent by utilities.

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  • What should I do if I can't connect iCAN to my network?

    Generally, there are two required conditions for the smooth smart connection: 2.4G Wi-Fi and the indicator flashes red:
    1. Make sure that your phone is connected to a 2.4G Wi-Fi. Some routers, like Cisco and Linksys, their 2.4G Wi-Fi and 5G Wi-Fi have the same name, so you have to re-name your 2.4G Wi-Fi and connect your phone to the 2.4G Wi-Fi.

    2. Before your connection, make sure that the indicator is flashing red after resetting. Steps for re-connecting the Wi-Fi:
    Reset the iCAN < Indicator flashes red < Connect to the Wi-Fi

    3. If iCAN still can't connect to the network, you may create a guest network under wireless configuration of your router. iCAN can connect to the guest network fast.
    The guest network can usually be setup by clicking the Guest Zone button.

    If the above steps do not solve your issues, please contact us at service@pomcube.com.

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  • Why can't I see the real time data of energy usage from PeakShaver?

    To see the real time data of your energy consumption data, you need register your iCAN to your account with your utility provider. The registering procedures of different electric companies may vary. Please register the device according to the instructions from your electric company.

    You can find the MAC Address and Install Code in Settings - ZigBee Info from PeakShaver. For the device type, you can select In-Home Displays (IHDs) for iCAN.

    For SCE users, please follow the Home Area Network Device Registration Guide to finish your registration.

    For SDG&E users, you need fill out the SDG&E connection request form and you will be notified when your device has been connected to your meter. Please allow 2-3 business days.

    For PG&E users, please refer to the Stream My Data FAQs to register your iCAN.

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