iCAN: Plug and Play Energy Storage System


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For a long time, it is not an easy or inexpensive process to conveniently store energy, whether from the solar panel or the grid. Most energy storage system in the market is bulky and expensive, and you need to hire professionals to install it. But now, everything is changing…


POMCube iCAN, the fully integrated plug and play residential energy storage system, is super simple to use, and affordable. It is free of re-wiring and professional installation, and maintenance-free. You can simply plug it into the outlet and it is about to work. Is really nice to get everything ready by yourself, isn't it?


iCAN automatically stores energy at off-peak hours and powers your home at peak hours, which bridges the gap between the production of energy and peak demand. It also fortifies your home against power outages by providing a backup energy supply. In addition to being a rESS, iCAN also has a number of integrated IoT features: smart outlets, Wi-Fi extender and optional WPC compatible wireless charger. Here are the main applications of iCAN:


Time-shift energy usage

iCAN allows you to draw cheaper energy during off-peak hours and use it later when the rate is higher. iCAN shaves the peak and brings savings to you.


Use more clean energy

iCAN stores excess energy when the sun shines or the wind blows, and make it available during suboptimal generating conditions. It enables you to use more clean energy.


Emergency backup power

iCAN will safeguard your home during a power outage by powering your critical appliances through its smart outlets.


iCAN Shaves the Peak


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POMCube iCAN offers endless possibilities with over the air software updates. Our website, www.pomcube.com, will show all new features while updates perform automatically.


Any questions or comments are welcomed, please contact us at service@pomcube.com.


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