Google Achieves 100% Renewable Energy Milestone Officially




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Posted on April 10, 2018 by RenewableEnergy.com Editorial Team


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Tech Giant, Google is reported to have achieved meeting it’s renewable energy purchases and is also believed to have exceeded the amount of electricity used in its operations last year. In an announcement this week, Google said that it held contracts to buy 3GW of output from renewable energy projects, which are reported to be the most renewable energy till date to be purchased by a corporate entity.


The contracts have reportedly led to more than $3 billion in new capital investment all over the globe. The tech giant had revealed that in December 2016, it was on track to purchase renewable energy that was sufficient to match all the electricity to be consumed over 2017. And, now it’s official that Google has achieved its target.


The total renewable energy purchases of Google exceeded the amount of electricity that the company used in its operations last year. Urs Hölzle, senior vice president of technical infrastructure, stated that during 2017, for every kilowatt-hour of electricity that was consumed, a kilowatt-hour of renewable energy was purchased from a solar or wind farm that had been built specifically for them. Hölzle added that it was immensely significant that Google added new clean energy resources.


Meanwhile, a program marketing manager, Kevin Haley from the Rocky Mountain Institute stated that an enormous portion of the clean energy activity of Google had contributed to the new renewable energy projects that were built specially by PPAs.



Source: environment.google/projects/announcement-100/


Google is reportedly a pioneer for other companies who are looking at getting into the renewables game. The company is continually seeking for policy reforms that could make corporate solar and wind purchases easier and is working with grounds like the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance and RE-source Platform.


Hölzle pointed that they wished to reach a point where the renewables and other carbon-free energy sources could power the operations every day. And, Haley reiterated that it was important that the market continued to evolve to support smaller buyers and streamlined purchasing options.



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