iCAN NetZero Plus


A solar charger, a grid-tied inverter, an energy storage system… A triumph of design and engineering. iCAN NetZero Plus is a versatile energy appliance that simplifies the way you embraces the green lifestyle. 30min quick setup: iCAN NetZero Plus rewrites the rules of installing an energy storage system.

What is iCAN NetZero Plus?

• Self-sufficient energy provider
• 24/7 continuous energy supply
• Authentic off-grid utility grade backup power
• Profit-maker in ToU arbitrage / DRP (Demand Response Participation)

For supreme liberty.
iCAN NetZero invigorates the wise and unconventional. More than grid-tied electricity bill regulator. Also authentic off-grid energy provider. Take charge of your energy, as the way it shall be.
Encounter the ultimate independency. Sustainably & Efficiently.

For the independent and strong-minded. Take full control of your energy generation and consumption. Unlock boundless energy from sun and wind.

From lighting to air conditioning and EV charging, iCAN NetZero Plus is capable of all energy needs. Or easily replace your outdated solar inverter with iCAN NetZero Plus, one-to-one.

Be Well-Prepared, Whatever It Comes.

Unexpected and undesirables are nothing but exhilaration of family. Authentic offgrid utility grade power is here to ensure reliable backup power.

Charge your electric vehicle and run your house at the same time during continuous outages longer than 48 hours.

Save On The Supernumerary.

For the wise who wants the least alteration to the present system prospecting a moderate payback in the long term.
Automatically takes full advantage of TOU incentives / DRP participation.

Life shall not be restrained to cumbersome wiring and manual studying. iCAN NetZero Plus is single-minded – a rejection of preconceptions. It brings a modern simplicity to the sophistication inside. The presence of conflict and harmony.


True greatness lies behind the scenes. Inside the flat cabinet are modules well-designed to be easily built up. Insert, push and plug in – neither elevating tools nor wiring work is needed for batteries.

Saving half the labor of competing designs, this is the 1st ESS that can be installed in 30 minutes. Seamless communication-free paralleling of multi-systems allows you to expand it to any capacity in the future.

Immerse yourself in the moment, in family hours, in pure joy. Intervention-free energy supply – created for those who prefer a smarter home.harmony.

When Intelligence Meets The Intelligent.

See how your home is getting smarter and more energy efficient via Eloncity APP. The full image of the system, from battery charging status, to working mode selection, are all accessible in real time.

And worried about future performance? With OTA (over-the-air) updates and lifelong online support, your iCAN NetZero Plus will always be up-to-date.

To Meet All Solitary Lifestyles.

A competent and faithful energy-keeper. Based on historical household data and local weather conditions (rather than
indiscriminate ToU strategies only), energy management in iCAN NetZero Plus is to help you realize your best energy efficiency.


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