Life Is Too Short To Suffer From Heat—1111 POMCube Lounge, BCS, Mexico

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On November 11, we spent a wonderful time with an offgrid community of retired Americans.

As provider of solar + energy storage systems and sponsor of air conditioning, POMCube was invited to host this special event.

For residents here, life is to fully enjoy sunshine, beach, seafood, surfing, and fishing—it shall never be annoyed by heat nor any inconvenience from no power.

The cove was endowed with ideal waterfront.

However, in this “paradise”, the basis of living—water and electricity, are far more expensive and never easy accessible for most people. Take energy for example, in earlier days back to 2017, people had to drive at least half an hour to buy gasoline to feed their generators, usually once or twice a week. 
Now, more and more people are turning to options which are less noisy, much greener and worry free. With more solar energy systems (with some energy storage included) installed inside the community, some issues arise: 
How can I find the most suitable system under a reasonable budget? 
How long life span can we expect for devices running in a salted area? 
How can I get support in such a remote place (all roads to the community are unpaved through a vast desert)? 
Is it possible to get fresh water in a more affordable way?

In the speech, our CEO, Mr. Andy Li, explained how affordable energy could be, how we could help people here get drinkable water from desalination and how we would support the area with a vision to build an Eloncity model that is fully self-sufficient and mutual supporting in natural resources.

Thanks for all "amigos" who came and listen to us!

System Information
380wp Risen panel * 36
10KVA (5KVA*2) 120V/240V iCAN NetZero
Battery capacity: 32kWh, upgradable to 55.2kWh
24000 BTU air conditioning *3


Solar panels were installed outside the community center, and can be used as parking shed.

3 AC are to provide the 3000 sqf community center

Community president Mike introduced POMCube.

Dinner after presentation

House owners showed great interest in energy storage systems.

Products explaination and cost analysis. 

Displaying system in realtime.

Party after party 

POMCube team with representative of Senator Ricardo Velázquez Meza.


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